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XEROTECH Showcased @ Step Conference 2023


XEROTECH, a Dubai-based tech company specializing in cutting-edge technologies including AR/VR/XR, blockchain, AI, IoT, and information security, recently showcased its Metaverse as a Service product at the Step Conference 2023 in Dubai Internet City.


The Step Conference is the largest tech festival in Dubai, featuring six main tracks, more than 400 global startups, hundreds of global investors, and over 8000 attendees from around the world. XEROTECH’s Founder & CEO, Noman Shah, attended the conference and met with VCs, showcasing the company’s Metaverse as a Service product and inking several MoUs.


XEROTECH’s Metaverse as a Service product provides a platform for businesses and individuals to create and customize their own virtual worlds and experiences, using cutting-edge technology to create immersive and interactive environments. The platform is accessible from web, Windows, mobile, and VR, making it easy for anyone to engage with and create in the metaverse.

XEROTECH’s participation in the Step Conference 2023 was a great success, showcasing the company’s innovative technology and attracting interest from potential partners and investors.


XEROTECH looks forward to continuing to innovate in the field of metaverse technology and providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients and partners.

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